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Hello everyone, welcome to this New, Improved, Slow & Beginners Course in English, by the end of this course, you will be able to create your first Amazon Affiliate Website and you will know better about Amazon’s Associates!

I have developed this course in English, and have tried to cover every step with scratch, from which to select the most profitable Amazon category to create an Amazon affiliate website!

Hello, I am from Rajat Gupta, New Delhi, India and as you can see that I have been a digital marketer for the last 19 years. But now from the year 2013, I have reduced the number of customers, and stopped taking new projects, I am a full time Amazon affiliate and marketer. If you learn this course properly, then believe me or you will be part time or full time affiliate with this training.


I work with a big team to deliver online courses legally to everybody who cannot afford paying for it through full discounts.

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