The right one seriess Alex Jones on telly Tinder, pandemic child-rearing & feeling smart

The right one seriess Alex Jones on telly Tinder, pandemic child-rearing & feeling smart

Similar to the rest of us, Alex Jones enjoys spent the vast majority of previous one year flitting between bringing them tresses up and attempting to make the very best of the baffling circumstance shes discover by herself in.

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In the pandemic, the hold for the One tv series provides juggled introducing the flagship morning programme which shes taught for more than ten years these days with caring for the youngsters, Teddy, four, and system, 22 period, along with her spouse Charlie Thomson, 42.

But now, as she sits at the kitchen space counter on a focus ring with our team, the mommy of two still emanates identical hopeful energy that this hoe always has.

Its started like a pandemic moments a lot of right! jokes Alex. My wife isnt feeling effectively, the four year old is upward 5 times from inside the evening with a stomach bug and child is actually teething. Hence correct, as of this extremely time, it is definitely not went fantastic!

Them close humour certainly not just dented inspite of the turmoil, Alex, 44, discloses how shes started driving lockdown as an operating mom, the reason why she still struggles with human anatomy picture and no matter if there are far more boys and girls coming

Alex, how’s it going finding parenting within the epidemic?

Its a rollercoaster. Some day it is like: Ive have this! 24 hours later, it is: Oh simple jesus, my personal lifes dropped aside! The very first lockdown got tricky because me and Charlie [an insurance agent] happened to be both employed regular and now we couldnt put any assistance with childcare, but at the least we owned nice weather condition, so that the family could spend-all night within the paddling share. (more…)