Quite possibly the most Fascinating Top Quality Hand-Crafted Jig to Hit the Water.

Quite possibly the most Fascinating Top Quality Hand-Crafted Jig to Hit the Water.

Hookup Baits are a supplier and designer of specialized day fishing jigs and lures. All goods are developed, and stated in San Diego, CA.

Unlike any jig design and style around, Hookup Baits makes use of shape, hues and actions, which substantially boosts the quantity of attacks and seafood found.

Support the fisher to suit the dimensions and kind of trap fishes the action seafood include giving on.

The jigs may casted, jigged vertically, and trolled.

The Official center Match Review Video

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All of our 2nd Annual 2019 Hookup Baits competition is an enormous successes! Cheers for all which participated, financed, volunteered and assisted making it these fantastic show! Read the formal summarize clip by one of the superfans, Brian Auer.

Take a look at Some Hookup Baits Action

Bring Hooked on our Preferred Jigs

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3/8oz media Mint

Revealed during the early 2018, the Mint tone jig are producing big swells by capturing a bunch of seafood!

3/8oz Large Red Crab

Created without sight to most useful simulate the actual reddish crab. Pike definitely eat these things!

1oz Immense Event Chovy

Chovy is still one of our top jigs, especially in the large match stadium.

With 10 sizes including 1/32oz tiny jigs being 2? longer, to 4oz custom made measured XL beasts which are 8? lengthy, and 12 various colour you could choose, there can be guaranteed in full a Hookup trap jig available and also the seafood your likely capture! Require help choosing? Have a look at the advised Bait number. Equipped to pick?

Hookup Baits on Fisherman Chronicles

Holder Chad signs up for Sergio of Angler Chronicles having Freedom ship dance club and Hookup Baits

Cedros + Fishermen Chronicles

Day viz zde fishing with Sergio and Angler Chonicles recently tend to be skipper Dave Marciano, skipper of F/V frustrating product. You are able to see/read the in-patient Cedros stuff below and here.

Releasing HUB4Groms

Weve experienced this sort of achievements with the help of our Grom plan in 2012 at this point. (more…)