Tips Walk Backwards with Reese Witherspoon plus Information from DP of ‘Wild’

Tips Walk Backwards with Reese Witherspoon plus Information from DP of ‘Wild’

After collaborating with movie director Jean-Marc Vallee for “Dallas Buyers nightclub,” cinematographer Yves Belanger reunited utilizing the manager for “Wild,” modified from Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir of the identical identity about their encounters hiking over the tough Pacific Crest walk.

To take the movie your, superstar Reese Witherspoon had to re-enact Strayed’s difficult walk — with Belanger trudging right in front side of the girl taking walks backwards.

In the report on the film, Indiewire head Film Critic Eric Kohn emphasized Belanger’s photographer: “Cinematographer Yves Belanger grows a rich green-and-brown palette to complement the lyrical connection that [Cheryl] Strayed grows together environment,” he published.

Though Belanger is in the field for many years, predominantly within his local Canada, his job has actually perked up not too long ago and he’s busier than ever before. We lately talked to your veteran cinematographer about his late-in-life expert achievements, utilizing a hand-held camera and natural light to shoot “Wild” in addition to physical hardship of production.

I’m contacting you from Portland, Oregon coincidentally. “Wild” filmed all over the county, correct?

Indeed, across the county, and all the moments emerge Portland comprise made in Portland. Even Though we were supposed to be in — Minneapolis? I’m so very bad at geography! — we shot it in Portland. Also the snowfall. We went almost everywhere from Ashland to Mount Hood. We decided to go to “The Shining” hotel, you are sure that? (more…)