Australian migrants share the difficulties of intercultural marriages

Australian migrants share the difficulties of intercultural marriages

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Matisse Yee nevertheless recalls just exactly just how excited she would be to inform her moms and dads she had finally “met someone”, after which instantly including the disclosure “but he is perhaps maybe not Chinese”.


  • About one out of three marriages registered in Australia are interracial
  • Challanges of interracial marriages include various religions, practices does mature dating work and values
  • Family opposition may be a hurdle for several intercultural partners

Matisse claims her relationship along with her Malaysian-Sri Lankan partner initially took her moms and dads by shock because interracial partners are uncommon in Kuala Lumpur, where they both lived before migrating to Australia in 2016.

“Of program, they certainly were concerned [and] asked ‘is he Malay?’,” she claims.

She informed her moms and dads Vick Satgunasingam had been Indian, before learning that he had been really Sri Lankan — a group that is ethnic categorised with Indians in Malaysia.

“And my moms and dads, they may have now been surprised, nevertheless they don’t state much,” she claims.

“In Chinese families — in my household — we do not actually share much regarding how we feel. (more…)