Is he being friendly, or perhaps is he really flirting?

Is he being friendly, or perhaps is he really flirting?

8. He discovers reasons to see you once again

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Dudes will often search for typical interests (b ks, movies, galleries, comedy) into the hope to be able to state, I adore that t !.

Or even youll both talk about part of your town youve never gone to, which hell make use of to be able to say We should sometime go together!

Also with you is a BIG tick in the flirting box if he says this in an off-hand way, any indication he wants to be alone somewhere!

9. He delivers a follow-up text after you go out

Possibly youll spend a time in a small grouping of friends chilling out, and after that he quickly texts you instantly saying Did you have fun?, or hell text you of a shared laugh from previous.

This can be slight flirting, nevertheless the fact since he got home that he still wants to talk even after spending a whole day in your company means youve definitely been on his mind.

10. He gets a little defensive around you (in a pretty method) dating site

Guys can easily enter into Chivalrous Knight mode when theyre attracted to a woman. Its a small childish and unnecessary, but it is their way of attempting to prove their caring nature for your requirements.

He might be especially fast to start d rs for you personally, or make certain you have taxi to have house safe, or hell be the first to ever verify youre not t cold whenever you walk outside.

Basically, he fusses he likes you over you.

At this point you have window to the male heart.

While a man probably wont perhaps not show every one of these signs of flirting at the same time, l k for 3 or 4 of those time that is next meet some body brand new and youll quickly know his intentions. Its up to you the best place to go on it after that.

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