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Hey, this is Lukas and I wanna congratulate you for doing something great for your loved ones. In this course, you will not only learn how to make an amazing 3-course menu. But you will also learn a lot about cooking, no matter what level you are right now. I included some tips and tricks all through the videos so that you are not only leaving this class with a great dinner but also as a better cook.

I will guide you step by step to your perfect menu. You will see that cooking makes a lot of fun and I am excited about how you like the special Austrian recipe.

For this course, you will only need a normal kitchen. But if you need some extra Equipment, feel free to check out my equipment page on our website. There I have summarized the tools with the best price-performance ratio.

If you need help with anything or you have a question. Just write it in the comments below and I will be glad to help you.

Now enough with reading, let’s jump right into it and we see us in the first lesson!


I work with a big team to deliver online courses legally to everybody who cannot afford paying for it through full discounts.

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