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+++ Create Hip-Hop, Rap & Trap Beats with FL Studio – Beginner Course +++

This is the perfect FL Studio Beginner Course for you:

Become a Beatmaker in a Day & Learn How to Create Full Beats from Start to Finish with Ease like the Professional Producers like Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne etc. With this Beginner Course you will get the knowledge to quickly make your own full Beats (with FL Studio) from Scratch with Ease today.

The most important Benefits: Why You Need this Course?

I used to be where you are, constantly searching for great information which ultimately should turn myself into a great beat producer. When I first started producing using FL Studio, I often failed. I knew absolutely NOTHING about music but I knew how to get what was in my head into a beat.

I knew that I can took music lessons for years in special music schools but I don’t have the time for that, I wanted to get on the fast lane and become a beat producer as fast as possible. And I knew at the time that I didn’t like learning the traditional style of music, because It bored me to tears. I wanted to learn as fast as possible everything necessary and important about digital beat making with a DAW like FL Studio. SO I started to learn everything important from different producers in the world and it costs me a lot of time and money to get there, but I finally made it.

I discovered the beat making secrets and the important steps which were missing to make full beats like the professional producers. I’m glad that I can finally share this secrets with you, so you can become 10x FASTER a beat producer with my easy to follow system which taught my students around the world beat making in a Day!

What’s inside?

  • +8 Hours Beat Production Coaching Videos

  • 40x HD Quality Videos

  • 4 High Quality WAV Loops

  • +15 High Quality Drum Sounds (Drumkit)

  • & more free Kits

In this beginner video course you will learn how to make your own full beats from start to end with ease.

The course is amazing for beginners as it will increase your knowledge of beat production.

You will become a Beat Producer in a day!

This Course contains 7 Modules:

(1) The first Module contains the Course Introduction with some previews of beats which we will make together in this course.

(2) The second Module contains the Course where you quickly learn how to use FL Studio from the beginning. And also the Extra files, e.g. the FLP File with a premade beat project, a Drumkit (with +15 Drum Sounds), and a Free Bonus Loopkit with (+4 WAV Loops).

(3) In the third Module you will learn how to make your first beat from the beginning, and also what are the important steps to make a beat sound good

(4) In the fourth Module you will learn how to use the latest FL Studio 20 version + features.

(5) In the fifth Module you will learn how to make Type Beats from scratch (So it’s a 1:1 Video-Coaching, where I recorded all the steps I make to create a type beat (without any video cuts).So you can see exactly every step I made from the first person view. And I show you how to make different styles for example type beats like: Lil Uzi Vert – Metro Boomin – Southside – Future – YBN Namir – 6ix9ine – Pierre Bourne.

(6) In the sixth Module you will get Extra Beat Production Knowledge for example how to make dark melodies for trap beats, or how to use the harmonic minor scale like Metro Boomin to make beats, how to make a chord progression and melodies and so on.

(7) The seventh Module contains a Bonus Video where you will learn how to sample like Ronny J and Murda Beatz for an Artist like Smokepurpp.

All in all this beginner course will show you the secret techniques that past and present Xcaler Beats members have used in order to make their beats. This course outlines the exact method of beat production from scratch that members of Xcaler Beats use step by step.

Contains in Detail

  • 1x PDF eBooks that contains Starter Tipps

  • 5x high Quality HD Tutorial Videos about your first steps with FL Studio

  • 10x high Quality HD Tutorial Videos about your first Beat Making Steps (Make your first Beat today)

  • 3x high Quality HD Tutorial Videos about the latest FL Studio 20 Version (+Features)

  • 5x Step By Step Tutorial Videos that visually show you the full process of type beat production – How to make Type Beats From Scratch (Lil Uzi Vert – Metro Boomin – Southside – Future – YBN Namir – 6ix9ine – Pierre Bourne)

  • 6x Bonus Tutorial Videos showing extra tips to make special Scales (e.g. Metro Boomin Scale), Melodies (Dark Trap Melodies) etc.

  • 1x FLP File that contains a FL Studio 12 Project with a premade full beat project, so you can follow the course even faster. You can open in FL Studio 12 and follow along with the guide for a hands on learning approach.

  • 1x Drumkit “Sauced Money Drumkit” with +15 Drum Sounds

  • 1x Free Loop Kit “Money on the Scale Loop Kit” with 4 high quality WAV Loops


All Course Modules:

  1. Module: Beat Making Course Introduction

  2. Module: Get ready to make your first beat with FL Studio + PDFs, FLPs, Drum Kits, Sound Kits

  3. Module: Beat Making Course – Beginner to Beatmaker (Make your first Beat today)

  4. Module: How to use FL Studio 20

  5. Module: How to make Type Beats From Scratch (Lil Uzi Vert – Metro Boomin – Southside – Future – YBN Namir – 6ix9ine – Pierre Bourne)

  6. Module: Extra Tutorials (e.g. How To Make Dark Melodies For Trap Beats in FL Studio etc.)

  7. Module: Bonus – How To Sample Like Murda Beatz & Ronny J for an Artist like Smokepurpp


  1. Beatmaking Secrets Course Introduction.pdf


  1. FL Studio 12 Project – Premade Beat Project to learn Beat Production 10x faster.


  1. Sauced Money Drumkit (with +15 High Quality Drum Sounds)

  2. + more Free Drum Kits (Source)


  1. Money on the Scale (Free Version) Loop Kit (with 4 High Quality WAV Loops)

  2. ARP Master Gross Beat Bank (Free Version) 


Question: What if I’m just a beginner?

Answer: This course is perfect for you!! This course package will accelerate your learning process at least 10X. You can work your way through the Beatmaking Secrets course and use the techniques to get into a higher beat production level. So If you are completely new, then this course is the best option to start and to quickly learn beat production in just a day!!

Question: Do I Need Third Party Plugins?

Answer: No. We go over the techniques and concepts you can apply to any plugin. We do go over some specific plugin techniques but you don’t need third party plugins. You can use your DAW native plugins.

Question: Are you showing in this course your whole beat production process in detail?

Answer: Yes. All in all this beginner course will show you the secret techniques that past and present Xcaler Beats members have used in order to make their beats. This course outlines the exact method of beat production from scratch that members of Xcaler Beats use step by step. So yes, I show you my own beat production process without any video cuts, so you can see the whole process in detail.

Question: Will this help me make to make my own full beats from start to finish?

Answer: Yes, of course. You learn how to create full beats from start to finish with ease with FL Studio. We also show you everything you need to know to produce Type Beats. So you can super fast jump into the beat producer game and get started with beat making. In just a day you will fast and easy produce your own first full beat.

Question: Can I 100% make after the course my own full beats?

Answer: Yes, of course. After the course you can make your own full beats from start to finish. So you will get the knowledge you need to make everything on your own.

Question: Does this course covers Mixing & Mastering?

Answer: In this course you will learn how to use Fl Studio and how to make a beat with FL Studio from start to finish with ease. Mixing & Mastering is the next step on the ladder and is at a higher level. Technically, you don’t need mixing & mastering to create the beat, because it’s a completely different area of music called “sound engineering”. However, we are now preparing a complete mixing & mastering coure, i.e. part 2 for this course. So it do not covers Mixing & Mastering.

Question: Is this a course only with FL Studio?

Answer: Yes, we show you everything from the beginning with FL Studio. We are using FL Studio 12 and the latest Version of FL Studio 20. We show you how to get the most out of your DAW.

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