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About Course:

—Course is designed to understand concept of Fuzzy Logic & its implementation in MATLAB


Fuzzy Logic & ANN (Artificial Neural Network) are two most important tools of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. This course is design to explain Fuzzy Logic Controller in most simplified way. Course flow is specially designed for quick start straight through applications & implementation. It mainly focuses on implementation of Fuzzy Logic with MATLAB toolbox and its interface in Simulink environment.

What’s unique in this course?

  • —Course contents & it’s flow are designed to understand concept of fuzzy logic in most simplified manner

  • —It is designed and executed to get quick hands-on practices on various real life examples with MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Tool Box and its interface with Simulink.

  • —Course is designed to cover all branches and filed including engineering & science, medical, finance, management and more.

Categories: Engineering


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