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Welcome to Guitar Technique, a complete course to teach you all of the most important guitar techniques that you need to know.  This course is for all guitar students – beginner to advanced.  The guitar technique lessons are in no particular order and are each taught from a complete beginner starting point.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar.  This course is all about guitar technique and how to bring more energy into your guitar playing.  

This course has only one section:  GUITAR TECHNIQUE.  In this section, we’ll be working on every common guitar technique, such as guitar slides, guitar bends, hammer-ons & pulloffs, vibrato, trills, legato, fret-tapping, sweep picking, natural & artificial harmonics, and much more.  Most importantly, we’ll work on combining these techniques so that we can fully explore the possibilities of all the guitar techniques imaginable!

The videos in this course have tabs on the screen throughout most of these lessons.  In addition, many of these guitar lessons will include a PDF attachment in the additional resources, which is the tablature of the techniques for further study.

Many guitar students will have various questions throughout the learning process.  The Q&A area (Questions & Answers) in this course is a great way to connect with your guitar teacher (Dan) to ask questions about the course material.  You are encouraged to use this whenever you need it – all guitar technique questions are welcome! 

This course is a lot of fun!  It’s time to bring the energy of these guitar techniques into your guitar playing.  Now, let’s begin.

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