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Dear Friend,

How do you know what the opinions are of your current customers?

You could call each one up and ask them.

That would be time-consuming and a hassle. You could also email every one of them asking all kinds of questions.

No one likes receiving emails like those. They make the customer feel like you’re incredibly nosy.

What if there was another solution that provided you the tools to quickly and easily know what your customers are thinking?

There is, and it’s called SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey is very CHEAP and available to EVERYONE.

It will revolutionize the way you get feedback from your customers.

You’re Not A Mind Reader

You don’t know what people are thinking. It’s a huge mistake to believe that you know what customers think of your business.

How can you improve on something if you don’t know what your flaws are?

Those who have a big ego won’t allow themselves to see that they do have weaknesses.

They tend to be the people who close up shop and go out of business.

The sad truth about business is that no one knows what the customer is thinking.

You have to ask them questions and continuously check to see if they’re being satisfied.

Surveys Are The Way To Go

Your time is limited, and so is that of your customers.

You can’t spend days upon days reading hundreds if not thousands of emails from your customers.

A survey is a quick and easy way for customers to say how pleased they are.

Just a few precise questions will help you gauge customer satisfaction.

Information like this is vital when it comes to keeping and maintaining customer satisfaction levels.

Surveymonkey Is The Best Tool To Use

Surveys enable your customers to leave feedback in a way that’s extremely easy for you to digest.

You can just ask them a few questions and have them respond.

A survey can take less than a minute to fill out or much longer if so desired.

The shorter surveys are the ones that are more likely to be completed quickly and honestly.

Some see anything that takes more than a minute or two as too complicated.

A short survey can provide invaluable information if the questions you ask are straightforward and to the point.

how you can easily read your customers mind with surveymonkey?

In this course I reveal all my best tips to you on what I do and what are the tools I use to get it done fast.

There will be no guesswork.

All you need is just a short hour of your time to learn everything and you’d be ready to get started with it instantly.

In this course we will cover the following:

1. Overview

2. Pricing and Account Opening

3. Referral Program

4. Survey Templates

5. Creating Surveys From Scratch

6. Using the Question Bank

7. Creating an Introductory Page

8. Creating Additional Survey Pages

9. Creating Page Breaks

10. Using the Question Builder – Part 1 – Multiple Choice to Rating Scale

11. Using the Question Builder – Part 2 – Ranking to Image Choice

12. Using the Question Builder – Part 3 – Comment Box To Multiple Text-boxes

13. Using the Question Builder – Part 4 – Date/Time to Images

14. Using the Survey Designer

15. Using the Survey Options

16. Survey Formatting

17. Survey Preview

18. Response Collection

19. Results Analysis

20. Conclusion

Part 2

How to Generate Micro-Targeted Leads That Are Ready

These methods are based on a working system. There’s no theory here!

Dear Friend,

Imagine if you could get micro-targeted leads ready to buy from you!

If you’ve ever wondered what the easiest way to convert your prospects

into sales is, then here’s the secret.

Give people what they want.

While I know that sounds too simple and like “duh”, common sense, the

reality is that implementing this is actually harder than it sounds.

This is simply because most of your customers don’t know what they want.

Some do, but most don’t.

Bear with me for just a second.

How much easier would it be to get leads and sales if people TOLD YOU

what they most desired?

Then all you’d have to do is simply point them in the right direction and

they’d buy.

You don’t have to spend hours trying to beg them to buy either.

How much easier would it be and how much faster could your business


Here’s how to do it…

Through segmentation, or in other words creating very specific email lists

that cater to a very specific need and demographic.

You’re essentially helping the person move closer and closer to the next

steps… your products & services.

… and you can achieve this goal through surveys.


Introduction and Getting Started

To make sure that you get started right, we will start discussing how you

can get into the right mindset of getting quality leads. You will also be

given a quick overview of what’s inside this video course, so you know

exactly what to expect and that way you can implement this at a faster


Why Surveys Are So Powerful

When it comes to getting the right data to sell your products and services,

there is a special art that many salespeople use. There is a time to be

proactive and sell – and there are times when we need to do the opposite.

We’ll discuss why this is important and how it makes surveys even more

powerful. We’ll also discuss different types of surveys being used and the

one we will be focusing on for this funnel.

Your End Goal

In this video, we will examine your end goal or objective. How your funnel

will look like depends on this piece of the puzzle. Many people make the

mistake of not analyzing this and jump straight in. Your end goal is a huge

deciding factor as to how your layout will be set up, so this is crucial.

Your Product & Service

What are you selling? That is the big question. In order to fully understand

who will buy your products and services and why they would, you need to

fully understand the inner workings. So, in this video, we will break it

apart, so you have a better picture of how to create your survey funnel.

The Buyer That Fits

Based on the previous video, we’ll take what you learned and build upon

that. We’ll begin to analyze the buyer of your product & service in much

more depth. This is important because if you don’t know “who” will buy it

and their exact demographics, it’s going to be very hard to relate to them

and get them to trust you.

The Typical Day

In this video, we’ll take a look at the typical day of your buyers.

Understanding their day, their frustrations, their pain points, what makes

them happy and more is crucial. This is the data we need to put on the

survey form.

The Survey Form

By now you will have almost all of the data that you need to start

brainstorming how your survey form will look. You’ll get a better view of

what questions to ask, how long your form will look, and much more.

The Mindmap

There is a reason for what you just learned up until this point. Now it’s

crucial that you begin to map out all the data that you gathered so you

have a clear view on the step-by-step process you’ll need to implement. Of

course, if you don’t know where to start, it’s ok. We’ll use a dummy

example to show you the process.

Implementation to Segmentation

At this point, it’s time to implement so that you can properly segment your

buyers to speak to them individually. In this video, you’ll learn what form

app to use so that you can implement your survey successfully! You’ll also

learn how to integrate it into your email autoresponder system so that you

can properly segment your email lists and start making the sales you so



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