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Do you want to edit an image, make a video, or a create website for your business or a client? Do you want a greater understand of how to use Adobe’s free software tools – Adobe Color, Adobe Spark, & Photoshop Express Editor? Discover how to use Adobe’s free software tools to create more and better projects for your business or clients. In this course you will learn how to use Adobe Color, Adobe Spark, & Photoshop Express Editor. We will cover all the information that you need to get started using Adobe’s free software tools in your work today. This Is A Basic Graphic Design For Beginners Using Free Software Course.

Disclaimer: This color theory basics course will be taught using Red Yellow Blue (RYB) as the primary color model. In general most people have been exposed to RYB and have some level of familiarity with this primary color model. Making RYB the best place to start for beginners who are seeking a basic understanding of color theory. This course is meant to be a less than one hour easy first step into color for art and design. RGB and CMYK primary color models will not be taught in this course but will be taught in a future course that will focus primarily on color models.


I work with a big team to deliver online courses legally to everybody who cannot afford paying for it through full discounts.

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