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This course covers three areas of Arabic language Pronunciation,Writing and Grammar rules for Writing.

(1) Pronunciation ( Beginner Level )

Learning Arabic Sounds 

start with learn how to pronounce Arabic alphabet and where the articulation points of the letters inside the mouth and then learn the sounds of other aspect of the pronunciation such as short and long vowels, Sukoon, Shaddah and Tanween.

(2) Writing using Dots Method ( Beginner Level )

Learning Where Is The Start Point To Write (Alphabets – Words) Via Dots Method

Start with learn how to write Arabic Alphabet individually each after that learn the shapes of the letters whether the letters in the beginning, middle or end of the word and then learning the rules of how to write word on lines.

(3) Grammar rules for Writing ( Intermediate and Advanced Level )

The rules will be in details for:

– Alif at the end of the word

– Hamzah in the beginning, middle or end of the word  

Don’t skip lessons. They go in a series and each one depends on the one before 

You should take every lesson in this course. If you miss a lesson, the next lesson will be confusing 

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