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Why did I create a course on mastering mental math?

Because no one talks about it.

Have you ever been in that situation where you struggled to do even the simplest calculation or math problem?

Maybe it was in a professional setting like a meeting, when you were in class, or even when you were with friends or family.

It can be embarrassing when it takes you longer than you know it should to do little calculations in your head.

Say goodbye to those days.

You’ll get:

  • How to use simple mental math hacks so that you can calculate the perfect tip every time

  • How to use mental math in your professional life so that you can put deals together more effectively

  • Understand taxes work so that you know exactly what you’re left with when all’s said and done

  • How to simply turn fractions into percentages so that you can smoothly transition between the two

  • Simple but effective addition and subtraction hacks so that you can get answers faster

  • Simple but effective multiplication and division hacks so that you don’t get frustrated when doing long multiplication or division

  • Helpful hints for mental math so that you have a new sense of confidence when dealing with numbers

  • How to use mental math so that you feel more in control of money matters in your personal and professional life

  • How to create accurate ballpark figures on the fly so that you can deal in the millions, billions and even trillions without getting overwhelmed

  • How to build a “BS Detector” using simple mental math hacks so that you can get to the right solution faster

  • Understand how to use your “BS Detector” so that you instantly recognize whether an answer it right or wrong

  • How to break down the skillset of mental math so that you can increase your performance with these skills

  • How to use mental math skills in negotiations so that you can put together better deals without spending a lot of time crunching numbers

  • Understand credit card offers better so that you can simply calculate what offers mean and decide the best one for you

  • A new sense of confidence in dealing with numbers and percentages so that you never get embarrassed about doing simple calculations in your head

  • How to create a standardized system for approaching mental math so that you know it will work every time

  • Have a powerful mental math system at your fingertips so that you can develop mental math mastery no matter what your skill level is now


  • Conquer your fear or discomfort with math once and for all so that you can move on to other areas of your life without feeling like you never got this skill handled

  • How to skip rote memorization tactics and start applying mental math hacks so that you can get straight to being in the top 1% in any

  • How to use mental math to get the edge in your professional life so that you become more eligible for promotions and salary increases

  • Learn the mental math skills now so that you can reap the rewards for a lifetime

  • How to use mental math shortcuts so that certain calculations become easier than ever before

  • Learn the mental hacks to do math the fast way so that you never waste time doing simple calculations the slow way


But this course is about so much more than just being able to do math in your head and do it more quickly than anyone else.

Fundamentally this course is about taking you to the next level in your career, at school or in your personal life.

In your professional life this will pay huge dividends.

Imagine you’re in a meeting at work and there’s some calculation that everyone has to do on the fly and you are the first one to come up with the right answer.

Suddenly you look like the sharpest person in the room.

Leaves a favorable impression on their peers and superiors?


Can think fast and come up with solutions?


Performs well under pressure?


You’ll be amazed at what an advantage it is in your professional life once you start applying even a few of the mental math strategies and techniques that you learn from this course.

Say goodbye to those days of looking at your feet or shuffling papers when there’s an opportunity to do mental math at work.

You’ll start jumping at those opportunities and impressing your co-workers and managers with your ability to think on your feet.

And you’ll start getting recognition for your “natural gift” with numbers.

So if you’re looking to get an edge and separate yourself from the pack in your professional life, you’ve found the right course.

The mental math strategies you learn in this course will help you do all that and more as your reap the benefits of this skill for the rest of your career.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Mental math will help you even if you’re a student in school at college or university.

College student especially can benefit from a course that helps you to save a bunch of time on stuff.

This course takes all of those simple calculations and do them even faster.

All that extra time can now be spent towards working on other courses, projects or extracurricular activities.

Once you realize how much time you can save by being able to do all the little stuff faster, you’ll be amazed that you could ever live without the mental math strategies and techniques you learn in this course.

Not to mention the confidence boost you will have that will carry over to more success in your other courses too.

If you’re a student prepare to be wowed as the skills you learn in this course take you to new heights in your academic success that you never dreamed possible.

Once you put even a few of these strategies and techniques into action on campus, you’ll be amazed at the results.

What about your personal life?

The confidence you gain by being able to do simple calculations in your head will spill over to your personal life as well.

Imagine never receiving a bill at a restaurant and worrying about what the right tip is.

This course will give you simple hacks so that you know the perfect tip every time.

There are so many little areas where math works its way into our personal lives that it would be impossible to name them all.

The grocery store, the shopping mall, the list is literally endless.

All opportunities to either flex your mental math muscles or be embarrassed that you couldn’t do simple math in your head.

The bottom line is that being able to do mental math will level you up no matter which area of life you want to improve.

Interested in more professional success?

Want to rise to the top of your class?

Helpful hints to transform your personal life?

This course has you covered.

Say goodbye to awkward meetings, frustration at school and embarrassment in your personal life.

Say hello to a brand new world of possibilities with mental math mastery.

See you on the inside.


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