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When I was 13 years old I had pretty extreeme panic attacks. They were so extreme that an ambulance had to drive to school and I had to be put under an anasthetic.

Since my parents refused me to get me to therapy or a doctor I was left to help myself and I tried numerous alternative medicine techniques. At first I was skeptical of them (because there’s a lot to be skeptical of) but I found a technique that alleviated my anxiety fairly quickly:

Emotional freedom technique

This started my obsession with alternative medicine which lasted years. I read everything from Esther Hick’s law of attraction to Richard Bandlers NLP. I got certified in energy healing, hypnotherapy, herbalism, yoga, meridian energy therapy, EFT and numerous other therapeutic approaches.

But the fact is that a lot of those approaches did more harm than good. They made me completely loose touch with reality because they never provided a grounded, realistic theoretical basis of why they worked. This ultimately was one of the main factors that lead to my complete psychotic breakdown at the age of 19.

This is why in this course I’ll teach EFT in an evidence-based way without the “woo” or magical thinking most EFT courses come with. In this course you’ll learn:

– The scientifically proven neurological process behind EFT

– How to use EFT to treat phobias

– How to use EFT to alleviate anxiety

– How to use EFT to treat a wide varriety of psychological issues: from depression to procrastination

– How to use EFT to treat traumas and manage addictive cravings

– How to use EFT to deal with negative self talk

– And how to tap your acupoints in public without looking weird:)

So if you want a cool easy to use tool that you can use to help yourself and others with mental issues please buy my course?

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