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Who is teaching it?

Andrew Magdy Kamal is the winner of the two out of three prizes in the first ever 10*10 Virtual Hackathon along with his mentor Olivera. He was been building his online presence since 2007 and been coding as well as inventing for many years now.

What you can get?

Andrew will be telling you of personal techniques he has been doing in order to build a presence and work on a startup. He will be sharing insights on how to figure out your passion, things to consider, getting started, different ways to go about making a site, marketing techniques, the power of collaboration, and doing good for others through a startup.

How is the Course Structured?

The course is structured through a microlearning format that way the students can learn in their free time while still being able to keep up with the lectures and stay informed. This technique have been proven more engaging based on the type of course.

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