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This is kept in mind to hold your interest and motivate you to finish this course and try it as much as possible. It is small but with resources and study material to keep you engaged with the course.

This course will help the peoples who are curious about GIT and want to know more about version control.

This is the foundation of the continuous development environment. The course is made with focus on practical knowledge in real environment, which will keep the interest of the student alive and make them work on the interesting topics with more enthusiasm.

The study material will be available in form of downloadable PDF for a better learning experience.

The outline of the course will be like this:-

1.    1 we will begin with the basic knowledge of what is a version control system.

2.    2 After that we will get theory behind it.

3.    3 Then we will perform installation and basic operations with GIT and GitHub.

4.    4 After that we will practice the Repository operations and branching.

5.    5 Then we will move to the advance topics.

6.    6 After that we will learn about GitHub and GitLab.

7.    7 In the end, for a real time project we will setup our own private GIT repository server.


This will be the outline for the course, the thing will be mostly a practical and easily understandable approach and is thought that you practice along with it for a better learning experience.


I work with a big team to deliver online courses legally to everybody who cannot afford paying for it through full discounts.

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