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Robot is now part of daily life. To understand robotics process and robotics programming we have to use a robot framework which is ROS. In which we will be using python as main language and hardware includes Esp8266 and Raspberry pi 3B+.

So if you are interested in learning the fast growing technology then this course is for you !.

–About this Course —

This course contains all the concepts you need for developing your robotics projects with ROS.

We will be working on theoretical portion of it first and then start moving towards practical implementation .

Arduino robotics and Raspberry pi robotics is also covered in this course as BONUS projects. You can think of the course as a starting course of robotics school. Where you get theoretical basis and then ardunio step by step , raspberry pi step by step through python programming and some time arduino c++ as well.

Although this course does not complete ALL robotics algorithms but you get the understanding of using the ROS framework and then you can easily make your own projects easy and simple . 🙂

After this course you will feel to have quite a lot grip on ROS and will be able to make projects where rasperry pi meets arduino.


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